We produce creative business-gifts and wooden merch. Each product of our collections can be branded or you can order custom design.
Looking for something special?

Order a custom design in any technique and quantity from 10 pcs.
About us

We are an eco & pet friendly brand that wants to make the world a little happier, cleaner, and kinder.
Our Creations, Our Approach
Our team of designers and artists knows how important the aesthetics that surround us are. When creating, we strive to produce something beautiful. We want to help you create a special atmosphere.

The hallmark of our brand is hand-painted wood. Our creations are works of art born in the hands of dedicated artists.

We are always open to new ideas and ready to help you create your own!
Our Quality Assurance
We demand that our creations feel great and look great. Our entire production process is carefully done by hand.

We guarantee your satisfaction upon delivery. You will never receive any defects because of our 3-stage quality control. We will provide you with a free sample when ordering a design of 100 pieces or more.

We are glad to work with you on branding, and we love to develop individual designs, even for small orders!
We Love Our World
We love the planet and everything it holds. From our packaging to our water-based paints, we only use natural and sustainable materials! We have chosen the highest quality and most environmentally friendly options on the market.

We use wood because we love our forests! Unlike plastic, our sustainable creations are recycled by nature over time.

We also love working with local charities for children and animals, helping others make the world a little happier!
Our clients
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